Switch with Heart Rate Monitor
Switch with Heart Rate Monitor
Our basic crossover GPS watch caters for runners who also train in other sports.
RRP $199.00


Switch is a crossover GPS watch designed primarily for running but expandable to cycling, swimming and other outdoor activities.

Switch tracks your position precisely with GPS satellite data and records time, distance, speed/pace, elevation and more. High-sensitivity GPS allows Switch to acquire satellites quickly and track movement in many tough environments - near tall buildings, on mountainous terrain or under heavy tree cover. By using ANT+TM wireless technology, the Switch easily connects to a Magellan heart rate monitor or any ANT+ compatible heart rate monitor, foot pod, bike speed/cadence sensor and power meter.

Boasting a high-resolution display, Switch provides superior readability in varying light conditions - especially bright light. With 8 hours of battery life from a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, Switch has enough gas in the tank to capture most activities. And for endurance athletes, Magellan offers an optional Battery Extender Pack that provides 16 hours of additional battery life, for a total of 24 hours.

Switch is water-resistant to 50 metres, so it can be worn for an extended period in water to track swimming activities and other high intensity water and snow activities. The slim design and flexible wristband mean Switch can be used in a variety of conditions.

Switch breaks away from the pack by introducing a new training concept for GPS watches - Activity Pacer. Once a desired distance, time and speed/pace have been set, Activity Pacer not only shows the targeted progress, but more importantly, provides specific targets to attain or maintain the original goal.

Additionally, Switch includes fitness and training features such as customisable activity screens with over 80 data fields to choose from, 10 activity profiles to save device configurations based on activity type, auto lap, auto pause, backtrack navigation, marking locations, activity history, and more.

For those looking to analyse and share their activities, Magellan makes it easy for customers to upload, view and store activities at Magellan Active as well as other leading fitness sites, including MapMyFitness, TrainingPeaks, Strava and more.




Battery rechargable lithium-ion

Battery Life 8 hours


  • Switch Wrist Strap

    Switch Wrist Strap

    Replacement wrist straps for Switch and Switch Up.
    Includes wrist straps, screwdriver and spare screws.
    RRP $29.99
  • Switch Multisport Mounting Kit

    Switch Multisport Mounting Kit

    Adapt Switch for multisport training.
    Easily moves Switch from wrist to bike for seamless transitions between sports.
    Integrated and holistic design.
    Sound mount secures watch on rugged terrain and adverse conditions.
    Kit includes 2 bike mounts, 1 wrist mount, 12 rubber rings, screwdriver, and spare screws.
    Note: Switch Multisport Mounting Kit is included with Switch Up
    RRP $29.99
  • Switch Wrist Mount Kit

    Switch Wrist Mount Kit

    Replacement wrist mount for Switch and Switch Up.
    Includes wrist mount, screwdriver and spare screws (x2)
    RRP $19.99
  • Switch Battery Extender Pack

    Switch Battery Extender Pack

    Adds 16 more hours to the 8 hour battery life on Switch.
    Can be swapped in and out while recording an activity.
    Light indicates remaining power level
    Rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
    Most commonly used with the Multisport Mounting Kit.
    RRP $39.99
  • Switch AC Power Adapter

    Switch AC Power Adapter

    Recharge from standard AC outlet.
    Built-in USB connector.
    Includes wall plugs for Australia & New Zealand.
    RRP $29.99