Summit Series USA
Summit Series USA
"High resolution, detailed topographic maps covering various countries and regions. Great for all types of outdoor recreational activities, each map includes accurate digital terrain information and contour lines.

Based on 1:24,000 scale source data
Includes hi-res digital terrain information and dynamic contour lines that adjust based on scale
Includes more than seven classifications of recreational areas, such as National Forests and State Parks
Contains trail classifications, such as single-track or motorized, and tons of outdoor POIs"
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"Summit Series United States is a high resolution outdoor recreational map that includes a detailed network of roads and trails, more than seven classifications of recreational areas, details locations of trails, lakes, rivers, streams, and millions of outdoor-centric POIs.

This detailed topographic map is based on 1:24,000 scale source data provided by Intermap Techologies, makers of AccuTerra(TM) and NEXTmap(TM). AccuTerra is a collection of the most accurate and most detailed off-road GPS mapping data available in the industry. Contour lines displayed in the map are generated from NEXTmap source data, which is the only consistently accurate and wide-area elevation dataset of the continental United States.

Summit Series United States contains more than seven classifications of recreational areas, including National Parks, National Forests, State Parks, and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) areas; detailed locations of trails and trailheads; accurate waterways, including lakes, rivers, and streams; and millions of outdoor-centric POIs.

Locate the nearest trailhead. Search nearest campgrounds, fuel stations, or potable water source. Navigate safely in 3D perspective view while knowing the boundaries between private and public lands.

Please Note: you will need to purchase a minimum 4GB microSD card to install these maps on an eXplorist 510/610 as the internal memory is not large enough to store these maps.

These maps are compatible with eXplorist devices sold and purchased in Australia and New Zealand only. If you have purchased your device from another country, please contact our support team on 1800 644 033 (AU) or 0800 466 286 (NZ) for further assistance."

Compatible Units

  • eXplorist 510

  • eXplorist 310

  • eXplorist 610

  • eXplorist 710