Magellan are pleased to announce that the Android update is now available to download.  Which means that Echo is NOW live for Selected smartphones with Android 4.4 (Kitkat) or later. Download the Echo Utility from the Play Store and customize your Echo. Wahoo fitness is first Android app to be released with more to be added soon.

What phones are compatible?

Depending on your network carrier if you have one of the below phones and are able to upgrade to Andriod 4.4 or later, Echo will work with the below phones:

  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Motorola Moto E
  • Motorola Moto G
  • Motorola Moto X
  • HTC One (2013)
  • HTC One (M8)
  • LG G2
  • LG Nexus 5

Please contact your carrier if kitkat 4.4 is not yet available for your device.

The above phones must meet the minimum requirement of:

  • Android 4.4 or later operating system
  • Bluetooth 4.0 or later

Magellan’s Cyclo 505 has been featured and reviewed by Bike Radar. To see the review, click here.

Chris Griffith has written about the Cyclo 500’s software update in today’s Personal Oz pages of The Australian. Griffith states that the devices now will communicate with iPhone and Android smartphones via Bluetooth 4.0 so cyclists can receive alerts of incoming phone calls and view text message while on the move. Griffith also mentions other new functions including music control, Shimano Di2 electronic gears compatibility and the geo-reference searching.


Magellan’s Echo Fitness watch has been featured and reviewed by The Active Mum. To see the review, click here.

The Magellan Echo is a customisable running watch that displays information from fitness apps right from your wrist

Fitness apps have become a runner’s best friend – providing a raft of useful tools to track progress, as well as music playlists that motivate and keep you in the zone – but smartphones are often clunky and inconvenient devices to use while running.

The Echo, launched by leading outdoor and fitness GPS brand Magellan, is perhaps the most personally customisable fitness watch in the country as it uses Bluetooth technology to wirelessly connect to iPhones, echoing the details from your favourite fitness apps right from your wrist.

The Magellan Echo is compatible with the most popular fitness apps including all Wahoo Fitness apps, MapMyRun, Strava Run, iSmoothRun and Runtastic – with more being added each month. The watch has been specifically built on an open platform so new apps can continue to be developed for compatibility with Echo.

Tony Hewlett, Sales Manager for Magellan New Zealand said the popularity of fitness apps is “hard to deny.” So rather than compete, he says this device serves to assist and simplify using a smartphone on the run.

“Realistically, holding a smartphone while you’re running or walking is a recipe for disaster. As most runners know, trying to glance at your smartphone when it’s strapped to your bicep is just plain inconvenient. And yet, fitness apps have really taken off in New Zealand” he says.

“As its name suggests, this device echoes anything your fitness app tracks. It gives you all the info you would expect like distance, time, elevation and pace, as well as the ability to customise additional metrics using the apps. This means you can tuck your phone away but still use your favourite functions like start and stop recording and play or pause music right from your wrist”.

The Magellan Echo features four hard control buttons, as well as a touch sensitive screen to allow scrolling through multiple data screens. Audible alerts are also an option.

“What we’re also seeing in the fitness market is that people are increasingly getting social about their workouts and posting wins and personal bests to Facebook. At Magellan we can definitely relate to the fact that social exercise is more fun and can boost confidence” says Tony.

“After your run all the data that you’ve seen on your Echo is already live via the chosen fitness app and can be shared online straight away eliminating the need to plug the device into a computer to upload stats.”

Echo itself can be updated with the latest app compatibilities via free software updates available on the Magellan Active website.

With a shower proof design, the Magellan Echo works in all types of environments. It also runs on a replaceable battery, with up to 6 months battery life, so doesn’t need charging before every use. It can also act as an everyday watch that shows the date and time.

Available in black, tangerine and blue, the Echo also has a range that comes with a Bluetooth Smart heart rate monitor, compatible with any fitness apps that can track heart rate data.

The Magellan Echo will be available in stores from November 2013. For more information, visit

Model Colours RRP
Magellan Echo Black, tangerine and blue $199
Magellan Echo with BLE HRM Black, tangerine and blue $249


About Magellan

Magellan is a leading portable GPS navigation consumer electronics company. Founded in 1986 and with over 200 key patents in GPS technology, Magellan is recognised as an industry innovator and leader. MiTAC International Corp, which also owns Navman Technology, bought Magellan in December 2008. MiTAC International is a leading worldwide maker of wireless communications products and one of Business Week’s top 100 Global IT companies. In 2011, MiTAC Australia Pty Ltd trading as Navman Technology took over the sales, marketing and distribution of Magellan outdoor GPS products and in 2012 launched a multi-sport range of fitness devices, the Magellan Switch and Switch Up. For more information visit or the Magellan Australia/New Zealand Facebook page.

For further information or images please contact:

Steph McDonald, Dock Street Group

09 377 2907 | 027 424 1716 |

Wireless syncing, dedicated cycling navigation and routing on Cyclo 500, Cyclo 505 and Cyclo 505HC

The Cyclo 500 series from Magellan GPS brings wireless connectivity and detailed colour maps to the handle bars of New Zealand cyclists.

The Cyclo 500, Cyclo 505 and Cyclo 505HC are specially designed for Kiwi cyclists, introducing a number of New Zealand-firsts, such as pre-loaded dedicated New Zealand bike tracks and navigation, as well as wireless uploading using built in WiFi.

The device also has innovative features such as “Shake and Share”, which allows groups of cyclists riding together to share destinations and routes wirelessly across Cyclo units on the go.

Your Magellan Cyclo account will also allow for seamless and automatic sharing with other third party apps and sites including Strava and Facebook.

Simply press the “WiFi sync” button when connected to wireless internet, and any saved routes on your device and data from your ride is automatically synced to your Magellan Cyclo account, even when your computer is switched off.

The ‘Surprise Me’ feature of the Cyclo 500 series provides users with a selection of round trip routes to choose from based on the time, difficulty or distance they want to ride.

“It also comes preloaded with Open Street maps which contain user generated data on where the best cycling routes and amenities are. Depending on your bike type, you may also be taken along bike-friendly off road bike paths too,” said Wendy Hammond, Country Director, Magellan New Zealand.

Open Street maps is an open source mapping project that extensively collects its own data and allows cyclists with GPS devices with syncing capabilities like Cyclo to contribute their own journey information every day.

“The Cyclo 500 series is also the first in New Zealand to come preloaded with some bike specific tracks, bike centric turn-by-turn navigation and some points of interest information such as bicycle repair shops, bike friendly cafes, toilets and emergency services,” Wendy said.

“The latest figures from local government reveal that in 2013 more than 88,000 Aucklanders were out cycling. On top of that, more than 700,000 bicycles have been imported into New Zealand since 2010.”

“Meanwhile the Ministry of Transport has found that 69 percent of households in NZ own one or more bicycles. Among them is our Magellan product and marketing team, made up of incredibly keen cyclists, who understand what people like them want and need. As a result we have developed dedicated devices loaded with New Zealand firsts. They’re packed with useful features to suit every type of cyclist from off road bikers to commuters and recreational cyclists,” says Wendy.

The stylish Cyclo 500 range offer a three-inch, colour, fully customisable, toughened glass touch screen that is water-resistant (IPX7) and can measure all aspects of your performance including calories burnt, speed, distance, laps, time, heart rate and cadence (Cyclo 505 and Cyclo 505HC).

The rechargeable battery lasts up to 12 hours on a full charge. The Cyclo 505 and Cyclo 505HC come with a built-in ANT+ sensor so you can track and measure even more aspects of your ride by pairing with any ANT+ compatible heart rate monitor, cadence sensor or power meter.

Other features of the Cyclo 500 series include:

  • Surprise Me feature – Giving you two to three routes to choose from based on time, distance and difficulty you want to ride;
  • Turn-by-turn route guidance so you know where you are going at all times;
  • A handy backtrack feature so you can track your ride and follow it back to your starting point;
  • G-sensor/accelerometer which detects when you are moving and prompts you to start recording;
  • A Shake and Share feature which allows you to share tracks wireless with other Cyclo 505 and 505HC users. Simply shake the device alongside another Cyclo device and the route is wirelessly transferred;
  • Magellan heart rate monitor, cadence and speed sensor kit with the Cyclo 505HC.
  • Barometric altimeter for accurate elevation information;

For a full list of stockists or further information, please visit

Recommended retail prices:

Cyclo 500           $449
Cyclo 505           $479
Cyclo 505HC    $579

HC includes heart rate monitor.










For further information or images please contact:

Pauline Ray, Dock Street Group                 09 377 2907 | 021 958 635 |

Jonathan Killick, Dock Street Group         09 377 2907 | 021 207 1314 |


Magellan Echo Device Software Version has been released.


The Magellan Echo has been updated to include a Stopwatch, Menu Screen, and completely overhauled user interface. Press and hold any button from the Watch Screen to access the Menu Screen, and subsequently press and hold any button to exit back to the Watch Screen. From the Menu, you can choose to Search for a compatible app on a compatible smartphone (top-left button), or enter the Stopwatch (top-right button).

Magellan Echo’s Stopwatch Feature. It’s simple interface is very easy to use!



To install the the latest Echo firmware, perform the following steps:

  • Download the free Magellan Echo Utility from the Apple AppStore on your compatible iOS device.
  • Launch the Echo Utility application.
  • In the Echo Utility, Tap Connect next to the Echo product image.
  • On the Echo device, hold the any button for 1 second to enable Search mode.
  • On the Echo device, a screen will appear asking to confirm connection with the Echo Utility. Confirm the connection by pressing the bottom right button. The Echo device will automatically re-connect with the most recently connected application, so this screen may not appear every time.
  • On the Echo device, wait for the sync to complete. Syncing may not be necessary for subsequent connections.
  • In the Echo Utility, a popup will appear with the latest version and release notes asking the user to update. Tap OK.
  • The update will begin and will take approximately 10 minutes. After the update has completed, an Update Successful screen will appear and the user can confirm this screen by pressing any button. The device will restart using the updated firmware.

Note: If your Echo is up to date, no update prompt will appear. 



Change Log

  • newfeature Added a Stopwatch Feature.
  • newfeature Added a menu screen. Hold any button for 1 second for it to appear.
  • improvement Changed the transition from Watch Feature to Search Mode to include an intermediate step to the menu screen.
  • improvement Changed Digital Watch Mode appearance
  • improvement Changed Analog Watch Mode appearance
  • improvement Changed the user interface.
  •  Removed the Weekly Total wording from the watch mode.

In the era of connectivity, Magellan and Navman have launched their new Smart GPS, Cyclo 500 series bike computers including full map and the Echo Smart Sports Watch.

This launch focussed on the embracement of smartphones and how connectivity ensures users can upload their stats to their favourite sites or search and send wirelessly to their Smart GPS.

Media from both New Zealand TV stations, newspapers and specialist magazines attended.


March 12th, 2014

Coastal Challenge 2014

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Going Costal

 ”Not just high tide, a King Tide” was the call on the starting line of the 2014 TotalSport Coastal Challenge.
We crammed together on the last remaining meters of sand,  each athlete braced themselves for the 33 Kilometers of rough and tumble running. Whangaparaoa through to Devonport on Auckland’s North Shore; The Coastal Challenge tests the speed, strength and toughness of its races. And it has been on my “to do list” for some time now.

The final seconds ticked down, and to the beep of a hundred watches,we set off down the coast. Hopes of staying dry were quickly put to rest. The lead bunch all plowed into the water, doing our bes marine mammal impressions and finding it awkward to swim with shoes on.

The first few kilometers were through knee deep water and across slick rocks. Champion mountain runner Nick Hershfeld and I bartered for lead and I was able to pull away in the first mandatory swim. Swimming in shoes felt like towing a sea anchor,I panicked a flock of Godwits who took to the sky when I hauled myself  onto the sand, bedraggled.

The next swim section was a real doozy.I ran around a headland to find my way barred by half a kilometer of water. “Surely we don’t have to swim that”  I scrambled around the rocks and pohutukawas, until the safety crew in an IRB pulled alongside and yelled “You should start swimming now!”
I looked back over my shoulder to see swimmers 100 meters ahead out in the bay! I cursed myself for daydreaming during race briefing then dived Salmon-like back into the water.

 With a great awkwarness I flailed my way to the distant shore and the reassuring Terra Firma. Ahead in the distance, though figures scrambled around rocks, the chase was still on.

By the 11km mark I had reclaimed the overall lead, and was determined to keep it. Passing through the Long Bay aid station, it was good to see crowds of people watching the race and enjoying the beach.

 Kilometers gradually ticked down, and drank generously at each aid station, washing down energy gels which I had stashed in my shorts. Nutrition and hydration are key to a good performance, and I had chosen not to carry water.

 Insided the final 10km Nick was closing my lead down. Quick glances over my shoulder confirmed that he was less than 20seconds back .Nick is a top trail runner and could match my speed across difficult terrain, so my only option was to open the throttle on the beaches and hope the Coastal Challenge finished, before my energy reserves.

Inside the final 2km and I was breathing hard. Each step on the soft sand sucked more energy. For once I was relieved to be running on pavement. Compared to sand, the pavement seemed to acutally propel me forward! I rode the wave of added momentum along the road and up the finishing chute, to where a cold Speight’s was awaiting my arrival.

The Coastal Challenge is an absolute must do for anyone who likes their races rough and tough. The people of Totalsport deserve a big pat on the back for hosting such a classy event. The impending Coastal Challenge National Series is sure to be a cracker too, so bring a friend. 


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Magellan GPS  is thrilled to announce it is supporting world-record breaking adventure runner Richard Bowls on his next endeavours.

The brand is a leader and innovator of fitness and outdoor GPS products and the sister-brand of Navman technology.

“When we heard about Richard’s incredible world-first trail running achievements which have seen him running though crocodile infested waters on the world’s longest marked trail, to running around the base of an erupting volcano in North Sumatra, we were more than impressed by his tenacity and thirst for adventure. His passion for running is one we also share at Magellan,” said Paris Basson, brand manager, Magellan Australia.

“But even the boldest athletes need a little help sometimes so we couldn’t pass on the opportunity to help Richard track his running progress and stay safe by arming him with a range of Magellan outdoor and fitness devices. He is currently using a Magellan Switch Up multi-sport watch to track his running stats and a Magellan eXplorist 610  outdoor GPS to ensure he stays on path in his wilderness pursuits.

Richard holds several national and world records for trail running including being the first person to run the Bicentennial National Trail along Australia’s Great Dividing Range and the first to run the Te Araroa Trail in New Zealand.  He writes monthly segments for three international running publications, is the host of his own online running show and is also responsible for the operations of the Melbourne Trail Runners body. In another world-first, Richard will attempt to run the Heysen Trail in the Flinders Range in May this year.

“The most interesting thing is that I don’t like running that much, but what I love is adventure. You learn about yourself, what drives you what scares you and how far you can really go, says Richard Bowles.

“My new Magellan products will provide me with accuracy, reliability and safety. In particular my Magellan eXplorist because whether I’m out in a thick forest or a snow capped mountain top I need to know where I am and where I’m heading. I needed a device that won’t let me down no matter where I am and no matter what I’m doing – it’s these things that keep me safe in the great outdoors.”

About the products Richard will be using:

Magellan eXplorist 610: The water resistant Magellan eXplorist 610 arms Richard with the most accurate topographic maps into the palm of his hand. It includes ultra-advanced features that can help Richard and serious outdoor sportspeople get to the top of their game. The eXplorist 610 has a built-in 3-axis Electronic Compass and Barometric Altimeter which combined, gives super accurate positional information. Preloaded on the eXplorist 610 are the Summit Series Australia/New Zealand Topographic Maps which are detailed maps displaying contour lines that can be zoomed in and out and will provide Richard with advanced information such as elevation information for assessing terrain difficulty which will be especially helpful when Richard tackles the Flinders Range. The devices hold very useful point of interest information such as food, restrooms, petrol stations, camping grounds and even shopping locations. RRP $479

Magellan Switch Up: While Richard will be using this device to track his running stats such as distance, time and pace, this one device can also record other sports activities such as  cycling and swimming and includes a multisport mounting kit. The Switch Up’s Activity Pacer will even let Richard know how hard he needs to push himself to reach his fitness goals. The device can even log transition times in the process. RRP Magellan Switch Up RRP $199 with HR Monitor RRP $249

 For more information see