What is turn by turn bike navigation

What is turn by turn bike navigation?

Whether you're a seasoned rider or a casual Sunday cyclist, finding the best biking routes can often be a challenge. Turn by turn bike navigation is a GPS feature that provides navigation with each turn you make, helping you avoid hills and bike paths that are flat and safe.
Think of the GPS device currently in your car. It directs you road by road, leading you safely to your destination, redirecting you when you make a wrong turn. You will find that bike navigation is the same, however instead of an in-car GPS, you use a GPS bicycle computer.

A GPS bicycle computer guides you

Turn by turn bike navigation tracks your movement and location. It provides routes and directions just as easy as a car GPS device. You can be guided via a bike friendly network of maps, like the maps on the road, and can select points of interest. Bike navigation is ultimately like a car GPS device for your bike, and the Magellan Cyclo 500 series is the pinnacle device for cyclists.
Forget the traditional paper map; cyclists have a new, hands-free way to navigate their journeys. Powered by a GPS bicycle computer, directional bike navigation allows riders to customise their trips, use available bike lanes and calculate rider friendly routes.

Track your Progress

Directional bike navigation is ideal for those who wish to train because you will be able to track your progress. With an online, Mac compatible portal like the Magellan Cyclo portal, you can store your tracks recorded with a GPS bike device like the Cyclo500 safely in the cloud. You can search through thousands of tracks stored and create some yourself.
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