What is a fitness watch


A fitness watch or otherwise known as a smart watch is a computerized wristwatch with functionality that is enhanced beyond traditional timekeeping. Some early models could perform basic tasks; however modern fitness watches are effectively a wearable minicomputer used to improve your fitness.

Some smart watches have GPS installed; while others rely on Bluetooth connectivity to wireless connect the phone to the watch. Bluetooth connectivity is a staple in many smart watches and it can wirelessly connect to your phone, allowing your fitness running watch to show elapsed time, distance and other fitness metrics. It gives you control over a variety of smartphone functions including start, stop or lap on your fitness app such as Wahoo Fitness or Strava, next song, play and pause on your music stream or playlist.

A fitness watch allows you to view and control fitness apps while your smartphone is strapped onto your arm or in your pocket. You can train more freely because you can access your progress and listen to music with just a tap of the smart watch's face.

A supreme running/fitness watch streams data from your smartphone to your wrist. You can view distance, pace, and heart rate from fitness apps in real time. Be in control because the fitness watch it's an extension of your smartphone.

Be in Control

Be in control with your fitness smart watch. Fitness watches like the Magellan Echo Fitness Watch ensures you're always in control. With your phone either strapped onto your arm or in your pocket, remote controls make it easy for you to perform app functions like start, stop, and lap and change music on your smartphone to suit your mood.
A simple tap on the smart watch's face enables you to turn the page to show additional data screens. You can even add more screens if you wish.

Ready to go every time

Fitness watches, like the Echo are elite sport watches that are always on so it's ready when you are. Some don't need to be recharged because it uses low power technology and runs off a replaceable coin cell battery. There aren't any cables to carry with you because it's all wireless.
Smart watches are multi-functional so when they're not being used as a smart fitness watch, it's an everyday watch showing the traditional day, time and date. You'll never miss another workout again with a fitness smart watch.
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