What is a cycle GPS


A cycling computer is a small digital GPS device that holds various features to aid your bicycle ride or training. It tracks your cycling movement, location and performance as well as monitors your speed, burnt calories, distance, height, laps and location. These features usually include GPS components, which makes the bicycle computer an ideal training companion because you can pinpoint your exact location.

A GPS bicycle computer is ideal for any type of cycling including mountain biking to city commuting because it enables turn by turn bike navigation. Think of the GPS device currently in your car. It directs you road by road, turn by turn, leading you safely to your destination, redirecting you when you make a wrong turn. Turn by turn bike navigation is the same, however instead of an in-car GPS, you use a GPS bicycle computer.

Like in-car GPS and handheld devices, a cycle GPS unit has a chip installed that enables it to pinpoint your location. You can plan your ride ahead and stop at points of interests along the way. GPS receivers are now made waterproof, lightweight and small enough to fit on a bike mount without hassle. A bicycle computer is ideal for training, every day and touring rides or any adventure you want to share with friends later.


A cycle GPS makes an ideal workout partner because not only can you select a specific location, you can also track your progress as well as look for bike paths that suit your training level and performance. Don't want to travel on the road or up a hill? A bicycle computer can search for paths that are away from highways or on flat surfaces. Challenge yourself and break personal records with a cycle GPS device.


Using a high sensitivity GPS chip, a cycle GPS device allows riders to use navigation plot screens, which is great for riding in the bush or off the beaten track or anyone who wants a breadcrumb trail to navigate back to your starting point.
Just like a standard GPS device, a cycle GPS unit has the capabilities of navigating a rider to a preferred location and if they get lost, they are navigated back onto the route.
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